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Taccle Projects

Supporting educators with practical ICT.

Supporting teachers to understand, use, teach about and integrate AI into their classroom practice

Supporting vocational educators and trainers to understand, use, teach about and integrate AI into their practice

Supporting those responsible for delivering training and professional development in ICT to educators.

Support, training and resources for teachers integrating computational thinking, coding and programming into their class practice.

Subject specific handbooks and resources for integrating ICT in the Primary and Secondary classroom.

Teachers’ Aid for Creating Content for Learning Environments – a handbook for integrating ICT across the curriculum.


News from all our projects

Control Technologies for Younger Children

Session H from the Tallinn Workshops focussed on helping younger children explore basic ideas about sensors and control with particular reference to the natural environment and the world around them. Control technology is used everyday A system that controls and monitors specific things and does this by following a simple sequence of instructions A simple…

Working and Learning with the Taccle4 CPD project.

During the years 2017 – 2020 I have written regularly blog posts on my work for the EU-funded TACCLE4 CPD project. These have been published  on my blog “Working and Learning” and on the TACCLE4 CPD website. As has been indicated in the blog posts, this project is the fourth in the series of transnational…

Keynote presentations released as Open Educational Resources

Tony Bates has released a series of five 40-50 minute keynotes which an be downloaded without cost from the Commonwealth of Learning’s online institutional repository for learning resources and publications, OAsis, under a Creative Commons license. The subjects of the keynotes are: Developing quality blended learning coursesDigital learning and the new economyNew technologies and their potential and limitations…

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